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Lightning Protection

Lightning protection systems are the modern development of the innovation pioneered by Benjamin Franklin. Although the design of the system and the components used have advanced considerably the fundamental principle remains the same. To managed to energy and divert it to ground without causing damage or harm to a building, its contents or critically anyone inside.

Initially set out as a Code of Practice in England in the 1950’s the majority of the lightning protection systems installed to buildings in the UK are installed and maintained to BS6651:1999 The Protection of Structures against Lightning Strikes. Although this specification was superseded in 2006, the new standards are not retrospective so any system installed to 6651 will always be maintained to that standard with no requirement for the system to be updated.

BSEN 62305 introduced in 2006 with levels 1 to 3 required building to be assessed in more detail for the need and level of protection, and although the basic principles of the system have stayed the same the level of protection can be increased through the use of different components that have been made available.

DCS offer a comprehensive service from the design, supply and installation of lightning protection systems to the annual inspection and maintenance of all systems to both BS6651:1999 and BSEN 62305.