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Industrial chimney stacks of all types are one of the key assets of any industrial organization. Where failure of any other plant on site may result in minimal lost time, if any, the minute a stack is off line and a plant is unable to expel the gasses and heat generated by production, the plant is offline, and it is not until this point that the chimneys importance is recognized.

A planned maintenance program, including the annual inspection of the stack, preservation of any coating system and replacement of any components, such as capping bolts, is essential for a chimney if it is to remain operational for the designed 20 year life span, as set out in the British Standard Guide Line BS4076.

The introduction of HSE:GS53 and the Guidance set out in the A.T.L.A.S for the inspection of single and multi flue steel chimneys, sets out inspection protocol for all chimneys designed in accordance with BS4076.
Quantum Access undertake all aspects of chimney maintenance from installation and refurbishment to dismantling and demolition.

Our services extend from the design, and installation of industrial chimney stacks to cover all aspects of industrial chimney maintenance.

Our inspection program allows for the production of comprehensive reports detailing any defects, and where necessary, video surveys are carried out.

Concrete & Brick Chimney Surveys

Though almost all newly erected chimney stacks are of steel fabrication, the UK does have a number of industrial brick and concrete chimney stacks ranging from 10m to 250m. These stacks are particularly susceptible to damage as not only is the brick and concrete exposed to both the harsh internal environments, but water wind and frost all have to be taken into consideration.

The requirement for a thorough inspection and comprehensive report is critical in being able to maintain the structures and prevent costly damage to both the internal liner and external windshield.

Concrete & Brick Chimney Surveys Include:


Specialist Contracting

Magnetic Particle Inspection

MPI is a non-destructive testing (NDT) process for detecting surface and slightly subsurface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials such as iron, nickel, cobalt, and some of their alloys. Some industrial chimney stacks have a damper system installed designed to counter act the motion of the stack in high winds. Not all chimney stacks require replacement after the 20 years they were designed for, at this point DCS would recommend that a condition survey be carried out with magnetic particle inspections of the supporting welds to such components as damper cantileaver brackets to ensure their condition.

Coating Systems Surveys

The overall level of protection provided by any protective coating system covering any surface can be assessed using general and close visual inspection techniques. Using accredited ICORR (Institute of Corrosion) paint inspection methods our engineers can determine the root cause of and coatings failure and degradation of the coating system caused either by inclusions into the paint or ultraviolet degradation.